Thursday, 16 October 2008

15th October, 2008.
Studio very busy at the moment. 3 pottery workshops running with students making what they want including presents for Christmas, wall tiles for a villa in Tobago (which I can recommend by the way as we went there for our summer holiday - paradise is the only way to describe it and here is the link and huge garden pots which just fit in the kiln!

The kiln is on constantly and I'm waiting for the man to come and install the controller for the 2nd kiln. Then we will really be cooking!

In the meantime I am stocking up for the show in Wales and the craft fair at the Landmark Arts and of course our Christmas event at Sheen Pottery with Deana Lee and Chris Payne on 29th/30th November, 2008. If you read this please come on Friday 28th Nov and claim your glass of wine or two, three...... at our Private View.

Monday, 13 October 2008

13th October, 2008. Website finished

I am so pleased - HB has completed what I think is a lovely feast of a website for me and the Sheen Pottery! Thank you Helen. To contact HB click here:

If anyone's reading this please let me know what you think of the website!

Stoneware Kiln opening today. Top shelf not firing to cone 9, this may have something to do with the fact that I didn't put the bung in until it started cooling down. But still pleasing results including the large white, iron and cobalt platters and a batch of mugs.

Madly making to build up stock for 3 shows before Christmas - see the forthcoming events page on the website. But I will never be able to make enough mugs!