Thursday, 30 April 2015

BBC Pottery Throw Down

Everyone in the world of pottery knows about this Love Productions programme for BBC being made as I blog.  I was very excited to hear about it and immediately applied to be a contestant.  One of the production crew came to the studio (during an evening class)  looking for anyone interested, they visited all the adult education pottery classes to do the same. I was interviewed and then questioned on the telephone for over an hour and then advised I was on stage 3 of 5 stages.  Alas I was not 'called' for stage 4.  I guess they only needed one middle aged, middle class, middle life challenged female! I realise this is a blessing, what was I thinking?  It might have meant upping sticks and 6 weeks in Stoke.  Not that I have anything against Stoke it is pottery hallowed ground for one thing.  Apparently the football team isn't bad either.  But I have all sorts of commitments, pottery classes to teach, shows and exhibitions to make for.  I will be glued to the TV when it comes out and hope to blog about it with a humorous and positive point of view.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Sheen pottery update!

Oh dear, I can't possibly catch up that much since my last Blog, so here is a quick update of the goings on at Sheen Pottery:

The pottery studio is BUSY. 
I am designing and making my own work 4 days a week and have developed two new collections over the last year.  See the website for full details. and then the other two days a week are busy with pottery classes for adults. These are full and fun and there is some terrific work being made by the students who are so enthusiastic and willing to try anything.

I had a major shoulder operation at the beginning of last year which meant I could not throw on the wheel for about 4 months - but I had to continue to make something, so out of that came the Fern design slab built collection - funny how something such as a mundane and quite frankly painful operation caused a creative boost with rather lovely results!

Must dash, got a show to set up at Redlees Studios, Isleworth this weekend with lots of other lovely London Potters

Hope to blog again soon!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Barnes Fair 9th July 2011

What a lovely day on the village green. Thank you to the organisers and volunteers at Barnes Community Association. Please see this creative blog and photographs by designer Caroline Draper.

Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Turquoise and iron tea pot
BY Lindy Barletta

Morley Exhibition 2008 - Winner

Surpised and delighted to win 'best thown exhibit' for my turquoise and iron Tea pot at the Annual Exhibition of London Potters work at the Morley Gallery in December. Entered three peices (jug, bowl and tea pot) having ummed and ahhed over which peices to enter, enlisting the help of Deana and Chris, fellow ceramic artists at the Sheen pottery studio and finally deciding to take the plunge. Thank you to the judges and to all the kind people who came up to me on the night of the Private View to congratulate me. Please see the Tea Pot on the London Potters Website linked here:

Thursday, 16 October 2008

15th October, 2008.
Studio very busy at the moment. 3 pottery workshops running with students making what they want including presents for Christmas, wall tiles for a villa in Tobago (which I can recommend by the way as we went there for our summer holiday - paradise is the only way to describe it and here is the link and huge garden pots which just fit in the kiln!

The kiln is on constantly and I'm waiting for the man to come and install the controller for the 2nd kiln. Then we will really be cooking!

In the meantime I am stocking up for the show in Wales and the craft fair at the Landmark Arts and of course our Christmas event at Sheen Pottery with Deana Lee and Chris Payne on 29th/30th November, 2008. If you read this please come on Friday 28th Nov and claim your glass of wine or two, three...... at our Private View.