Friday, 24 April 2015

Sheen pottery update!

Oh dear, I can't possibly catch up that much since my last Blog, so here is a quick update of the goings on at Sheen Pottery:

The pottery studio is BUSY. 
I am designing and making my own work 4 days a week and have developed two new collections over the last year.  See the website for full details. and then the other two days a week are busy with pottery classes for adults. These are full and fun and there is some terrific work being made by the students who are so enthusiastic and willing to try anything.

I had a major shoulder operation at the beginning of last year which meant I could not throw on the wheel for about 4 months - but I had to continue to make something, so out of that came the Fern design slab built collection - funny how something such as a mundane and quite frankly painful operation caused a creative boost with rather lovely results!

Must dash, got a show to set up at Redlees Studios, Isleworth this weekend with lots of other lovely London Potters

Hope to blog again soon!

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