Thursday, 30 April 2015

BBC Pottery Throw Down

Everyone in the world of pottery knows about this Love Productions programme for BBC being made as I blog.  I was very excited to hear about it and immediately applied to be a contestant.  One of the production crew came to the studio (during an evening class)  looking for anyone interested, they visited all the adult education pottery classes to do the same. I was interviewed and then questioned on the telephone for over an hour and then advised I was on stage 3 of 5 stages.  Alas I was not 'called' for stage 4.  I guess they only needed one middle aged, middle class, middle life challenged female! I realise this is a blessing, what was I thinking?  It might have meant upping sticks and 6 weeks in Stoke.  Not that I have anything against Stoke it is pottery hallowed ground for one thing.  Apparently the football team isn't bad either.  But I have all sorts of commitments, pottery classes to teach, shows and exhibitions to make for.  I will be glued to the TV when it comes out and hope to blog about it with a humorous and positive point of view.

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